Is it really possible to be stylish and modest at the same time?

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At some point in my life, I used to think that you could only look good if you wore certain outfits that usually exposed a lot of skin (heck! some of these outfits actually looked so good). Coming from someone who wanted to live modesty, I was always tempted (still have little wars with myself, sometimes) to wear these sort of clothing just so that I could look as good as the other girls did and feel attractive. I did notice one thing; I was never comfortable with myself in these outfits. This definitely meant something was wrong somewhere, if not it would have felt right, right?

Thankfully, I started to see new fashion styles which didn’t have to involve exposure and I began to fall in love with this style, gradually disposing of the craves of minimum clothing. This is just my story, but not exactly the point.

Why do you dress the way you dress? It could be that you are trying to impress someone? be noticed/admired? feel good with yourself (this is me!), or just don’t put so much thought into it? Whichever, there is always a reason.

I have come to realise that when we ladies dress up in exposing clothes, it takes away the attention from everything else to our bodies. As a result, we can’t be taken as seriously as one who covers up and looks very fashionable (she is often very respected, you can do an analysis around you if you wish).

Modesty allows people to recognise our true beauty; personality, smile, hair, fashion sense, physique, the way we do things, and many more. This contradicts what people are going to focus on when we walk around in baby clothes (little to no clothing); the sizes of many parts of our bodies, what could be under the rest of the clothing, and many more unpleasant thoughts. These don’t allow the people to admire us for who we are and not how we look. We don’t want to be reduced to objects to be analysed, do we?

Modesty is the new stylish. The less exposure, the more material you have to be more creative with your clothing (think of it this way). There are many modest fashion ideas that you can get (my instagram page; @winiclaire and blog being two of them) if you’re stuck on where to go from here.

Yes, it is really possible to be stylish and modest at the same! Why don’t you try it and let me know how it goes.

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See you around!


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