Become An Expert in Giving The Perfect Gifts!

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Have you ever been given a gift you weren’t excited about. Now, this doesn’t mean you are ungrateful because it is the thought that really counts. There are certain gifts that can be mind blowing to the receiver and this is what we are going for. Therefore, when choosing gifts to get for anyone, we should consider these three important factors;


People appreciate being given what they don’t have but need, especially if they can’t afford to get it at the time for whatever reason. So if you’re going to get a gift, get something that you know they need and therefore will actually use.


Many times, when we’re trying to get gifts, we try to get what we think they would like. This is not enough as they may like it but not enough to actually use it, or they may like it but have nothing to use it for. For example, it was my sister’s birthday sometime ago and I got excited when I saw this cute pink diary book. It got me so excited that I thought I had to get it for her because she would love it as much as I did. Turns out that she did like the book quite alright (although she actually would have preferred a black one. I was shocked), but she had no clue what to use it for as she already had a couple of jotters for herself. Eventually, the book just lay on the shelf, packing up dust. We have to make sure that the gift is actually something they want to possess because they have plans of utilizing it. Nobody wants their money to go to waste.

To achieve this aim, watch out for the things they talk excitedly about or out rightly say they like.

Make life better/easier:

Sometimes, people don’t actually know that they need something, or would enjoy owning/experiencing that thing (like how you’re not aware of how much your body needs to relax until you get a spa treatment). If you’re not sure if the person really needs or wants a particular gift, you can hardly go wrong with giving something that is enjoyable to own or experience.


What you should NOT do;

1.) Get a gift that you like without being sure that the receiver would like it as well (remember, it’s not your gift!)

2.) Get a gift simply because it looks good to own. The receiver may just not fancy or use it.

3.) Get a gift because it is expensive. The point of the gift giving shouldn’t be how much you spend but the thought put into the gift. Therefore even if it is less than a thousand naira but useful, you’ve done a great job!


Try this technique and let us know how it works out! I hope this post was very helpful. If you have any more questions or would like to give more ideas, please comment, like and share this post with your friends. We all need this advice.

See you around!


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