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Did you hear your hair yearn for some moisture? Or were you observant enough to realize its crispy transformation…

Whichever the case,…yeah, I have no comebacks.

Giving your hair some moisture is very important and is one of the 11 Effective Tips to Grow your Hair Extremely Long and Healthy.

To simply do this, you would need 3 basic items; Water, moisturizer, and oil.

This simple method of moisturizing is very similar to the famous L.O.C method as it contains the same items but in different orders. To effectively moisturize your hair, you should follow these 3 simple steps;

  • Apply liquid: In this case, it is water. Using a spray bottle, run some water through your hair generously to keep it moist and more accommodating for the moisturizer. Wet hair acts as a good foundation for adding any moisturizer to your hair.


  • Moisturize: This could be done by using a cream moisturizer or even a leave-in conditioner as this keeps the hair soft and detangled. Generously apply this to your strands and pay very close attention to your tips as they are prone to breakage.


  • Seal in the moisture: Moisture in the hair is usually sealed with oils. There are numerous kinds of oils available for hair use but with different features. Oils such as the popular coconut oil or the grapeseed oil are good sealants as they are not excessively thick which, if were the case, would cause build up. Only a tiny amount is enough to go round in order to prevent excessively greasy hair.


The L.O.C method says the same thing as said above, but in the order of;

  • Liquid first
  • Oils next
  • Cream last

This may work for some, but I find that the oils block out the moisture coming in when applied first. This is why I say apply the oils last. Why don’t you try on these two methods and see what works for you? Whatever the case, you now know the 3 ingredients essential for this effectiveness.

I hope this was helpful to you. Feel free to comment and share your thought with us.

See you around!


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