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Have you gotten to the “dormant stage” of your hair growth? Do you feel like your hair isn’t growing as much as it used to? Or at all? Then you must be doing something wrong.

The average hair grows at about half an inch every month (varies with people), therefore there should be significant growth after the second month (which gives rise to approximately an inch). There are numerous reasons why your hair might not be showing any extra length over time and in order to tackle this problem, we must learn about the main reasons.

1) Prolonged wear of protective styling


The aim of protective styling is to tuck the hair in to prevent shedding and frequent touching of the hair which could cause breakage. This is a very good way to grow your hair, although, this can cause breakage if carried for a very long time.

This is because there will be product build up at the roots when the hair is being taken down. This will require detangling which, depending on the level of care with which the hair is handled, can result in a lot of hair loss which replaces the new growth, leaving the hair at the same (or almost the same) length. This would give the impression that there was no growth, while in actuality, there was.

A protective style should be washed and moisturized to prevent drying of the hair and furthermore, breakage. It is advisable that it is carried for about a month, and certainly, not more than 2 months (which isn’t even the best thing to do) care to get the best growth results. See more on How To Care For Your Protective Style.


2) No moisturizing

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When we don’t moisturize our hair for a long time, it begins to become dry and crispy. When this occurs, the hair starts to break off like dry leaves from branches. This is natural.

Moisturizing your hair gives it a reason to remain on your scalp and flourish. Some moisturizers could include leave-in conditioners and hair moisturizers.

Oils do not act as moisturizers, but sealants. They seal in the moisture to prevent the hair from drying very quickly. Therefore, using oils as “moisturizers” only prevents moisture from actually getting into your hair. Ironic right? Thought so too.


3) Excessive chemicals and heat

woman morning bathrobe bathroom

The overuse of chemicals, as well as heat, can damage our hair because these weakens the strands which eventually lead to them breaking off.

Frequent use of perms and relaxers, as well as dyes, cause a lot of damage to our hair and scalp. These typically result in bald spots, weak strands, thinning hair and causes the hair to become easily dry. It generally requires a lot more effort to care for processed hair.


4) Clogged Pores

What could be the cause of this? Product build up.

Although we need to care for our hair by moisturising it and using some extra products to care for it or style it, we also need to be aware of the fact that excess use of these products or frequent use of thick or heavy products can cause a blockage on our pores which would choke the hair follicles and prevent them from actually stemming.

This is why some people get a little frustrated when they are putting in so much effort to grow their hair through the use of external aid (hair products) and nothing seems to be changing. It is because their poor scalp and follicles are overwhelmed and clogged.

On the other hand, I know that slaying is the ideal and there are a lot of ways to do that. Unfortunately, one of them involves using thick hair products like gels and hair creams. At the same time, these do the job, they also reduce the chances of actual hair growth if not washed out as soon as possible.

Hair should be washed weekly for a product free scalp, or at most once in two weeks.


5) Lack of protective styling

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Finally, one of the reasons your hair might be stagnant is the constant touching of it. When our hair is left out in the open, it is most likely going to get touched…frequently. From different hairstyles to hair length checking to just fiddle with the hair from time to time, there will always be a reason to touch our hair.

As a result, our hair is more prone to breakage because it is exposed and comes in contact with, so many things (e.g. abrasion with objects like couches) which may hamper its growth.

The best way to tackle this problem is to tuck our hair in to prevent exposure through the use of protective styling which is used for the purpose of protecting your hair, hence the name.

I hope this was very helpful! Comment to share with us your thoughts.

See you around!


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