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Are you thinking of getting your braids done? Lovely, that way your hair can be protected. Although, there are a few things you must know before getting them done in order to get the best style and result. Here are a few of them.


1) Start with a washed and dried hair

When installing braids, or any hairstyle at all, it’s advisable that you start with clean hair and scalp which should also be dry. Working with wet hair can cause your hair to be more prone to breakage.

When you wash your hair before installing a new hairstyle, it gives a fresh start and allows the hair to sit in place and look neat. Also, nobody wants an itchy hair from the day of installation.

2) Detangle and moisturize your hair before installation

You don’t want to start off with brittle hair before braiding as you may start shedding while the installation is taking place due to the stress on your hair strands. Therefore, using a good moisturizer, preferably a creamy one (because the liquid ones are prone to get evaporated quickly, leaving your hair dry again), would keep some moisture in there and allow for easier handling of your hair.

Also, detangling your hair should be done before braiding so that your hair would be easier to work with. Braiding a detangled hair, as you can imagine, will cause a lot of frustration, hence breakage.

3) Avoid tight braids

I know that we all want to slay, but not at the cost of our edges!

Doing extremely tight braids result in temporary bald spots and then alopecia (absence of hair- baldness). Without having to say this, we all know how uncomfortable it is leaving bumps on our scalp.

Communicate to the hairstylist that you don’t want your braids too tight and be watchful.

No one can love and care for your hair as much as you do so we have to take it upon ourselves to groom it.



1) No need for excessive trimming

Usually, after braiding, we find the hairstylist trimming the braids to give it a neater appearance. For the ladies with natural kinky hair, it is most likely that some of your hair will be sticking out after the braids is done. This means that in the process of trimming the “braids”, some of your hair is going off as well.

Unless you really do not mind your hair being cut at all, avoid the trim in areas where your hair might be (that is from the root till wherever your hair stops).

2) Moisturize your braids

While in braids, your hair can still be moisturized with a liquid moisturizer that can easily be sprayed to make the process easier.

This should be done daily as synthetic hair dehydrates our natural hair quickly, causing it to become dry and brittle.

Remember to most importantly moisturize the roots as they carry the weight of the braids.

3) Avoid constant styling

I know the joy of getting beautiful braids done. This excitement can cause one to try to experiment with the different styles in this life that braids can permit (which is almost anything).

The constant styling of the hair into ponytails and buns or styles that tug on your edges can pull at your hairline, causing breakage (this is usually the major reason why many ladies have thinning edges).

Limit the number of times you do such hairstyles, although I would advise you not touch your hair until you have some new growth and the hair isn’t so tight anymore.

4) Wash your braids

The same things you would do to your actual hair is the same thing you should do to your braids because your hair is still contained in it.

In order to avoid product build up (from all the moisturizing and other products you may have used), we should wash our braids and scalp regularly, about once in two weeks.

5) Do not prolong the wear

Braids that are carried for a long period of time usually result in a lot of product build up at the roots of the braids which usually take chunks of hair with it.

You should carry your braids for at most two months.


Have you ever had any major experiences with braids? Share your experience with us and tell us what happened and how you went about it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment if you have any more tips you think should be here so that we can help each other.

See you around!


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