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Speaking from past experiences, I know how easy it is to forget about your girlfriends because all of your attention is focused on your man. This is expected so don’t beat yourself up about it.

A friend once said, “before your man were your girls, and after your man (if it fails) will be your girls”. This hit me like a bomb! And it’s true.

Every girl should have a group of friends she can call her own…even if it’s just one person. This is for the reason that this person/people be your life companion through the good and bad. They should be the people that understand you and sincerely love and accept your good and bad qualities. No facade.

When we leap into a relationship without having a foundation of friends, we are likely to become unhealthily attached to our partner which brings us to number five in Top 10 Ways to Make Your Relationship Work.

For any relationship to work, there should be time and effort put into it…it’s no different for friendships so it’s important to spend quality time with them. I realized this the hard way. Thankfully it wasn’t too late.

What happens if the relationship doesn’t work out and you had no family of friends? (Not that it’s okay not to have friends even if it did work out) You will most likely be lonely and devastated because the half of your life was based on that relationship.

If you don’t think you have your army just yet, it’s never too late.  Find them!…at least before your find your man. You will need them.


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