Cosmetics is one of the best gifts we have ever gotten from life and production. It enhances one’s beauty and confidence. As a result, you find many people (male and female) using it for various reasons and occasions and in different manners. While there are many types of makeup looks (e.g. Halloween), the most common look is the everyday makeup which aims to give a simply flattering appearance.

Unfortunately, there are certain blunders that occur with the use of makeup which, in some cases, hinder utmost beauty from the end results. Don’t worry your little head for I will give the remedies to these problems.



This is one of the most common mistakes amongst ladies.

It is usually advisable to follow your actual eyebrow shape and arc in order to look natural. You also notice that our natural eyebrows don’t start off which thick hair, it’s usually a bit thinner at the beginning and then proceeds to get thicker. The same technique should be used when drawing the brows.

In order to achieve this natural look, you should use the spoolie (eyebrow brush that looks like a mascara) to brush the beginning of the brow in the opposite direction (towards the opposite brow). This gives it a fading effect.

You can also just soften your hand at the beginning and just shade over the hairs and then slightly increase the intensity as you go. This also gives the same effect.


Have you ever seen a woman in makeup with 2 different face and body skin tones? Tons of ’em, as a matter of fact, many of us have been guilty of it at some point. This problem occurs either because of a lack of knowledge of the right foundation tone, or absence of testing the product before purchase.

To prevent this hazard, make sure to test the foundation on your skin to ensure it’s the same shade.

Also, blend the foundation into your neck area to perfectly ensure a constant shade.


Has your makeup ever looked like a rainbow? The only exceptions should be in cases of a photo shoot or a runway.

In as much as a rainbow is beautiful in itself, it is not very pleasing to the eye when your face accommodates all the colours of the world. You don’t want to have too many bold colours on your face as it would look too busy and exaggerated. A busy eye makeup and similar lips do not make for a flawless appearance. Hence we have to find the perfect colour combination.

There’s just one thing to note; bold/busy eye makeup should be accompanied with nude/ soft lips, and nude/soft eye makeup should be accompanied with bold lips. To achieve a no-makeup look, both nude eye makeup and lips should be employed.

Both bold eye makeup and lips could be employed and still look great. It all depends on the colour combination.


As we know, contouring gives more structure, and blush, more life to our faces. Although, it is sometimes overdone or wrongly done, resulting in a more aged appearance. To contour right, we need to know the respective areas for highlight and contour.

The areas for highlighting (putting a lighter shade) include; the forehead, under eyes, chin, and in some cases, the jawline. On the other hand, the areas for contouring (using a darker shade) include; the sides of the nose, the temples, and underneath the cheekbones.

The blush should be applied to the cheekbone, and not the cheeks directly which would make it look excessive.


The famous winged eyeliner has brought about many makeup catastrophes which I hate to confess that I’ve also been guilty of. This style of eyeliner is definitely here to stay, so therefore we need to properly learn how it’s done.

To do a proper eyeliner, we have to remember that it’s not meant to cover the whole eyelid as it was not intended to serve as an eyeshadow. If you are attempting to draw a winged eyeliner, try not to make it too long to prevent the case of having a curvy wing.

Remember, practice makes perfect. So do a lot of practice to become a better artist!


General Tip!

What do you do when you are very upset?

Say no more and walk out of the situation. We don’t want to say or do things we might regret later on. When you feel much better, then you can talk about what happened and resolve the issue.

See you next time!



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