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It can be a little tough when trying to figure out the basic needs of your wardrobe so if you would like to know what these things are then this post is definitely for you. In the bid to look classy and fashionable, it is commonly believed that one has to own a truckload of clothes with different cuts and from different designers. This is not true. Thankfully, even if you don’t have a steady source of income, or a booming one either, you can still have a jaw-dropping appearance. Here are the essential items you might need to achieve that look!

1.) A Black Belt


Today, belts are not just needed to make your jeans fit. They can also be worn to add some style and class to your bomb outfit. This is a really simple piece which is very easy to acquire. Any kind of black belt would do, although if you happen to have a statement belt, that’s a plus for you!

Don’t worry if you don’t own one now. You can get an affordable and good looking one here

Tuck in your shirt or top inside your trousers to expose the belt. This is a classy trend.

2.) Black tank top


This is a very versatile piece. You can throw it on with blazers, skirts, jeans, shorts, everything! It’s a holy grail…which is also stylish.

These can be found literally anywhere but to make things easier for you, go to this link if you’d like to purchase a good one or something else you might like!

3.) Pencil skirt


Want to go business formal? This is your go-to piece. Pencil skirts still bring out the class in the formal wear which can appear boring sometimes. It can go with a cute blazer or any shirt alongside a pair of classy pumps. Any colour would do, as long as it is worn with the right combination of colours. Although, a black skirt is preferable.

I got this smashin skirt from the market actually but if you can’t go there, it’s perfectly fine, just go here and get the best deals on your new pencil skirt.

4.) A Little Black Dress

adult beautiful beauty brunette

You can never go wrong with this essential outfit…literally. The question is where CAN’T you wear it to? A simple black dress is a fashion with less!

You cannot miss out on a black dress so if you don’t have one, trust me, you should get one cus it would come in very handy. Get the best deals here!!!

5.) Black Jeans


These are staples. I don’t know what more to say to emphasize on its importance. It is a lifesaver. If you’re ever at war with your wardrobe and in a hurry, just throw on black jeans with a top and sneakers and you’re good to go!

Where to find my new black jeans: Over here!

6.) Blue jeans


These can be worn in a casual, semi-formal and formal way depending on the pieces and accessories worn with it. They’re definitely worth every kobo.

Click here to take me home – Your blue jeans 😀

7.) Blazer


Photo credit: IG: @fashion_africanprint

These definitely give some swag and style to your outfit.  They are very efficient when worn for business events and can also give a chilled vibe when worn for other occasions.

You can definitely get stylish blazers from here

8.) Flats

black leather mary jane shoes

As much as heels are the bomb, flats are necessary to balance your wardrobe. Sometimes we want to look relaxed and feel very comfortable in our outfit of the day and so what better way to achieve this than to throw on a cute pair of ballet flats and hop through the day.

Get me some of this here!

9.) Basic pumps

close up of shoes and bag

Now for the action. You can’t aim for class, style, and fashion without heels. Now, this doesn’t have to be a six-inch killer, a simple one would do. You can put this on with every single outfit and it just makes it look even better.

What better way to spoil yourself than to get a pair of cute pumps for you right here

10.) Sandals

feet summer dress sandals

Sometimes our feet need to breathe and receive some good air. This is perfectly normal. How can we fulfill this need and still look very stylish? SANDALS!

These give an outfit a touch of fun and makes it appear vibrant. No one ever regretted getting sandals. If you would like to get you some, go here

11.) Sneakers


Gone are those days where we only owned sneakers for sports, specifically running. These give the appearance of an energetic style enthusiast and just increase your cool to an extra 100%.

Don’t worry about getting these if you don’t have one, I got you covered. You can get yours from here

12.) Plain White Tee

man and woman wearing white crew neck t shirts

Another blessing to our wardrobe. This could go with black or dark coloured jeans and a blazer with sneakers, or with a pencil skirt and pumps. It goes with everything and anything!

Get you a plain white tee here

13.) White button-down shirt

woman in white button up long sleeved shirt holding black umbrella

Another versatile outfit this is as it can be worn casually with jeans and sandals or formally with a skirt (or jeans as well) and heels. You can work this to whatever you wish. Get yours right here

I hope this post helped you! If it did, comment below. If you have some more essentials you think should be here, let us know by commenting, and also if you have any questions you’d like me to answer.

See you around!


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